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Do Not Compare

if I didn't skip my PE lesson, I wouldn't be able to learn this lesson.

my friend, M, she doesn't receive any love from her family. she gets scolded by her mother whenever she comes back from work. she scolds M for no reason most of the time. exam is coming soon and M really can't take it anymore. I looked at her, seeing the pain in her eyes. She was going to cry but managed to hold back the tears. 

look on the other side, she has loyal friends, like me, and others. she doesn't trust anyone enough to share about her trouble. I often say that she can share whatever she wants whenever she feels comfortable enough to. but she usually does is smile. and I actually feel hurt when my friend doesn't trust me.

I have a decent house, respectable and educated parents. they also love me. they aren't at home frequently because of their business and always buy me presents on their way back home. I'm totally okay with that. as an introvert, I love being alone. when people look into my life, they feel pity for me because I have to stay alone by myself for weeks. 

M often compares her life with mine. she told the counselor, "sometimes I feel that her life is better than mine. then sometimes I feel that mine is better than hers. even though my parents are home but I'm like invisible to them."

"M, when you take a look at life, you'll find that it's not always fair. J (me) might have something that you don't have but you might have something that she doesn't have too. so stop comparing, be grateful for what you have instead because comparison often leads to complaints and you will just make yourself unhappy." said the counselor.



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Apr. 26th, 2012 09:09 am (UTC)
I agree with the counselor
What I think is that people shouldn't compare themselves with others, because it's a waste of time for them instead they should focus on improving themselves to be better, I once saw an episode of "fruit basket" and the heroine said that "people see others better than themselves and that's not true" for example person A and person B, person A thinks that B is better, at the same time B thinks A is better, but in reality A and B are good if they stop comparing each others, they will live happily and they will improve.
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