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haven't been posting anything lately so I think I'm going to pour my heart out a little bit on here before going to sleep...

since I've been busy with schoolwork and stuff so my mind is all about school, school, school, exams, exams, exams... and I think I'm going to faint in any minute. then one day a thought came to my mind, "what is the point of going to school when you only study just to pass the exams?"

I'm not saying what is the point of learning/studying. what I meant is school has turned into a place where students spend more than 10 years in and they do the same thing every single day like wake up early in the morning to go to school to learn about literature, algebra, chemistry, physics and stuff and waiting for the day when they get to get out of this place with a certificate to get a high paid job.

so yes, I've been idling time by think about this instead of preparing myself for the exams. and I really see no point in going to school. it's supposed to be a place where kids go to and have fun learning about new stuff but now look at it, school is a place where nobody wants to go to. but adults always say going to school is more fun than go to work. they say that it's because they don't like their job, I guess...

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