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There Are Different Reasons Behind a Laugh

talk about laughter

sometimes, a person laughs because they just hear a hilarious joke. sometimes, a person laughs because they are in an awkward situation. sometimes, a person laughs because they are simply happy. there are a lot different forms of laughter. 

if you are able to make someone crack up, I envy you. I envy your ability to make people rolling on the floor laughing just by telling a joke. I envy your confidence for making people laugh by doing silly/ridiculous things in front of them.

I've been told that I'm too serious looking at times and hardly able to make people laugh. plus, my jokes are lame... I'm lucky to have a cute face and my appearance can simply put a smile on the people who fall for cute things. other than my cute face, I'm a complete boring person.

so, I love to see people smile. especially if I'm the reason behind that smile. people who have a crush on me can smile so big if I give them a little bit of attention. the person that I secretly like at the moment, often giggles whenever I say something. I don't know if that is an awkward giggle that they don't know what to say next or they actually think that what I say is funny. but just simply see the person that you like smiles or giggles can put a smile on my face for the whole day. 

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